Saturday, March 27, 2010

'bout my marriage

well i did some quiz at fb and i found this one interesting's really interesting
i found that most of the quiz answered correct bout my life...
most of it and almost all are correct..i m so excited bout is about my marriage...ohh
but it's just for fun.. jus dun believe it cause it is only a quiz duh...damn!

here's my quiz's result

oh..damn..can't paste it.. i'll type it...well guys..try 1

who will be your future mr right?
- ur real life hero will be manly...dat's it
- he'll be dependable
- even financially...absolutely..haha
- he will protect you and always respect my feelings...i wish
- he'll probably be quite a bit older than you..ok..

when will i get married ?....excited..wkakaka
- i'll be very determined and thorough in choosing a spouse...i am
- i'll study every detail about my man before saying YES to a LIFE or LOVe...of course..
- i'll eventually make a good choice...mesti la...
- but i'd better be sure that he's willing to wait that long...sanggupkah?

what sort of wife i am?
- if my hubby is crazy enough to ask me to do silly things..haha
- i may as well have fun with him..of course la
- i'll make a fun-loving wife...i am a loving person

will my husband and i have a good time together?....of course we will till death apart us..
- my spouse and i will choose to spend time on more romantic ativities...yey!
- i won't end up quite as healthy...i dun wish for this..
- but i'll have plenty of fun going out for drinks
- watching concerts or playing cards at home with other friends

what will my children be like?
- naughty
-they will often get into trouble (OH NO)but i will have a great time bringing these fun-loving kids up....
- they are lively and smart

how loyal i am?
- i get along very well with most guys....i am
- SUMTIMES MY FRIENDLINESS MISLEADS OTHERS TO THINK THAT I AM A BIT FLIRTY....HAHA.....this is the 2 nd quiz i've did in 2 days..n both the quiz said's i m flirty...hahahaha
- but actually i've got a loyal heart..yes dat's absolutely correct
- i'll never have eyes for anyone except my beloved husband..mmg btoi...saya seorg yg setia pada yg satu

p/s: i wanot nobody nobody but only u...keep this in mind!

by azfa ;)
5.23 pm
27 march 2010


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